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  1. Click the Search for Issues button from Issues tab.
  2. Paste Type in the JQL query to desired JQL function or copy/paste from the example in the search bar.
  • The JQL queries you can execute with the help of GoU JQL are as followed: groupsOfCurrentUser(), groupsOfUser("username"), organizationsOfCurrentUser() and organizationsOfUser("username")You can search for matches in the group custom fields, the Organization field, and the Team field.
  • Example usage (JIRA Advanced Search):

    • "ApproversApprover Group" in groupsOfCurrentUser()
    • "ApproversApprover Group" in groupsOfUser("adamsmithjsmith")
    • "Organization Group" in groupsOfCurrentUserorganizationsOfCurrentUser()
    • Organizations Organization in organizationsOfUser("bettyjohnson")
    Remember to double-check whether you have enabled a Group Picker item in Settings→ Issues→ Custom Fields which will help you to use group-based filterings.
    • Team in teamsOfCurrentUser()
    • Team in teamsOfUser("jsmith")

(lightbulb) The group custom field name will differ based on the custom field definitions in your particular instance ("Approvers" in the example)